Date Published: February 25, 2020

You Are Not Alone: Summary

Hidden secrets, entangled lives, and a twist that will leave you breathless.

Dive into "You Are Not Alone" where New York City’s fast-paced life becomes the backdrop for an intricately spun tale of deception, empowerment, and elusive redemption. Shay Miller is an average woman in the city, living an ordinary life, until she witnesses a horrifying event in a subway station. This tragic occurrence propels Shay into the enigmatic world of the Moore sisters, whose picture-perfect lives are more than what meets the eye. As Shay gets closer to them, she's enfolded in a web of alliances, betrayals, and clandestine endeavors. What may appear as mere coincidences in Shay's life are revealed to be meticulous manipulations by someone always watching, always planning. In a city where nothing is as it seems, Shay realizes that to unravel the truth, she must first decipher the intricate puzzle of trust, loyalty, and vengeance.

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You Are Not Alone

Author: Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Date Published: February 25, 2020

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You Are Not Alone: Genres

Psychological Thriller
Contemporary Fiction
Women’s Fiction

You Are Not Alone: Main Characters

Shay Miller: An intelligent, observant data analyst with a compassionate heart. Desperate for belonging, her kindness is tested when she’s thrust into the Moore sisters’ web. When she’s misled by them, her faith in humanity becomes her strength.

Cassandra Moore: The older of the Moore sisters. Charismatic, confident, and always in control. Her protective nature over her sister Amanda masks a darker, calculating side. She takes Shay under her wing, but her motives are driven by a tragic past.

Amanda Moore: Delicate, mysterious, and haunted. Her initial suicide in the subway triggers the events of the story. Her history and trauma are the linchpins of the Moore sisters’ revenge scheme.

Val: Shay’s pragmatic best friend. Grounded and fiercely loyal, she provides a counterpoint to Shay’s growing paranoia. Her skepticism about the Moore sisters helps Shay keep a level head.

You Are Not Alone: Themes

Manipulation and Deception: The Moore sisters weave a net of lies, showing that even the most genuine appearances can hide sinister motives. Their influence over Shay’s life exemplifies how easily one can be manipulated.

Trust and Betrayal: Trust is a fragile thread in Shay’s world. The dichotomy between her initial trust in the Moore sisters and the eventual betrayal underscores its fragile nature.

Empowerment and Redemption: From being a pawn in a larger scheme to finding her strength, Shay’s journey embodies empowerment. Her decision in the climax represents the theme of redemption and the choice of moving forward.

Loneliness and Belonging: Shay’s isolation in a bustling city portrays the universal human need for connection and the lengths one might go to find it. Her journey with the Moore sisters exemplifies the dangers and allure of seeking belonging in the wrong places.

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